December 30, 2022

Trauma-Informed Motherhood Coaching

by Petra Brunnbauer

Motherhood Coaching

The journey of motherhood can be overwhelming and many moms are left isolated and feeling alone in their pain. We no longer live in communities that raise children together and the struggle to balance motherhood and life can sometimes seem too much.

On the podcast, I interviewed Leashia Arrowsmith, who helps women heal on their journey into motherhood. Through her own lived experience, she recognizes the power of the mind-body connection and the importance of regulating the nervous system.

By healing ourselves first, we are in a much better space to take on motherhood, relationships, family, and children, without losing ourselves in the process.

Leashia Arrowsmith is a Trauma-Informed Motherhood Coach and Emotional Wellness Expert, Hatha Yoga & Meditation Teacher, and the Founder of Ethical Wellness. She is passionate about supporting moms, who feel overwhelmed by the unseen mental and emotional load of motherhood, regulate their nervous systems and heal from the inside out, so that they can feel less triggered, more energized, and deeply connected to their loved ones.

Leashia specializes in helping women Heal In Motherhood so that they can quit yelling at themselves and their loved ones and show up as the heart-led mom they came here to be, not the mom society or their parents tells them they should be.

“In giving birth to our babies, we may find that we give birth to new possibilities within ourselves.”
                 - Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn

She combines the science of the mind-body connection and trauma research, along with spiritual teachings and practical tools to help women find and release the mental, physical and emotional blocks standing in the way of their calm, connected, and joyful life.

What Is Motherhood Coaching?

In a general sense, motherhood coaching can help mothers and parents who are struggling with parenting. But, following Leashia’s approach to motherhood coaching, moms often have a lot of healing to do themselves. When you think of trauma, the things that come to mind first may be large-scale events like war or natural disasters. And while these events can certainly cause trauma, most mothers have experienced trauma in a much more intimate and personal way. There may be childhood trauma that has become stuck and is now manifesting itself in different ways. Moms may also be processing physical and emotional trauma from their recent birth.

Trauma can impact the mind and body in many different ways. It can also change us mentally and emotionally, affecting our relationships with others and with ourselves. Especially when mothers have experienced childhood trauma, for example, they are more likely to pass this trauma on to their children. Although there is some evidence that trauma can affect genetics, most parents pass their trauma on to their children through their parenting style or by behaving in a way they have learned in abusive or broken relationships.

Motherhood Coaching

In that sense, mothers may think they need support with being a “better” mom. When in reality they need to heal their own trauma wounds and resolve negative coping mechanisms or behaviors they may have learned from their traumatic experiences. Motherhood coaching can provide a safe space to begin the healing process, while providing parenting support and guidance at the same time.

A trauma-informed motherhood coach like Leashia specializes in moms who have themselves experienced trauma. She provides specific techniques and approaches that help with healing trauma first, so moms can build a healthy mental and emotional foundation to raise their children from.


Motherhood can be a beautiful experience and for new moms, it might also be a bit of a shock. Between the sleep deprivation and figuring out how to care for a tiny little life, your wellbeing can suffer greatly. If you have no family support system and maybe your partner is working full-time, you might find yourself pretty much on your own, caring for your newborn and any older children you already have.

Having to juggle family, motherhood, taking care of the household, and even returning to work can take its toll. Many moms literally reach the end of their rope and experience a disconnect from who they used to be. This can manifest in varying degrees of physical ailments and mental distress. Receiving much-needed support from a motherhood coach can be life-changing.

Working with a Motherhood Coach

And while a motherhood coach likely won’t clean your house or do your laundry, there are many things they can help with. If you are struggling to organize or prioritize, they can help you create a better daily routine that fits your and your family’s needs. And when it comes to your children, a motherhood coach can help with different situations you might be experiencing and teach you new skills and tools to become a calmer and more joyful parent.

Some of the main things a coach can help you with include reclaiming your mental and physical wellbeing; having the time to do more of the things you love; struggling less with difficult and complicated parenting and life situations; and helping you discover what your needs are, you can begin your own healing.

The Takeaway

Leashia has a very unique skill set and experience to offer in her coaching practice. For her, motherhood coaching is not just about helping moms change how they parent. But it is ultimately about helping moms heal their own traumas, so they can be more present and connected with their children.

It is difficult to experience trauma yourself and try to balance your own needs while caring for your family. You might have some local medical or mental health resources for moms; however, there are very few resources specifically designed for moms who are trauma survivors and trying their best to parent their children amidst their own struggles.

Finding Joy and Peace

Especially at this point, it is so important to find support that is tailored to your individual needs. Whether this is through your local doctor, mental health resources, or a trauma-informed motherhood coach. You deserve a safe space to heal your own trauma in, and begin to unravel the negative behaviors that have formed as coping strategies.

Through your own healing, you can change the way you parent and prevent those trauma patterns from being transferred to your children.

There are many ways a motherhood coach can help with strategies like setting boundaries while modeling positive behavior; creating safe spaces where children can comfortably express themselves; learning curiosity instead of fear around new experiences; and incorporating much-needed self-care to care for yourself while navigating life’s challenges.

In all of this, remember that however you are feeling and whatever you are struggling with is valid. You are a good and capable mother. We all need help at times where our own resources simply cannot keep up with our daily stress.

With some help and support, you will be on your way to a calm, connected, and joyful life.


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