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Our mission is to make the Jōrni a truly unique platform for mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. If you are struggling with sadness, worry, anxiety, or stress, you are not alone. We want to help you reclaim your wellbeing and find the self-esteem and energy to go after the life you desire.

We tend to get lost and buried under everything we have to get through every day. So, it's no surprise we feel exhausted, drained, and unable to face another day more and more often. But there is a way to get back to that joyful and inspired YOU that had so many dreams and was ready to take on the world. There is a way to get back your energy and your focus and live your life with passion and fulfillment. There is a way out of the brain fog and there is a way out of feeling helpless, overwhelmed, and disoriented.

We provide a platform, programs, and proven techniques to help you create whole-body healing for a lifetime. Let's talk about breaking free because reclaiming your wellbeing is one of the most important journeys you will ever take.

Welcome to the Jōrni!

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Free Resources

Here are some of our resources to support you on your holistic healing journey to reclaim your wellbeing.

Try out our Stress Relief Meditation, the Peace in Crisis Hypnosis, melt into a sound bath, or discover our free video series...and our brand-new Break Free eBook.


Break Free and Reclaim Your Sanity

The Jōrni eBook

Learn how to break free from sadness, worry, anxiety, and stress, so you can reclaim your wellbeing. 



A Meditation track designed to melt your stress and worry  away. Simply sit back and listen.



A Hypnosis track designed to bring peace in times of high stress and crisis. Simply sit back and listen.

Crisis Resources

Crisis Resources

If you are in crisis now, please check this page for crisis resources around the world.

Video Series

Free Video Series

Get a mini-experience of holistic healing through our free video series. You can dip your toes into the Jōrni.

Sound Healing

Sound Healing

A Sound Healing track designed to tune your brain hemispheres to bring deep healing.  

You Are Not Alone

The stats are staggering. From a survey conducted in January 2021, the American Psychological Association revealed that 84% of adults reported feeling at least one emotion associated with prolonged stress levels in the prior two weeks. The top three emotions were anxiety, sadness, and anger.

It's not surprising we are feeling more stressed, more anxious, more isolated, more frustrated, and more lost than ever. So, we are here to reach out a hand and let you know that you are not alone. Especially now, it is essential that we find balance and ways to stay resilient, strong, and centered within ourselves.

Feel free to have a look through our blog posts below. Maybe you find a topic that resonates with you.

You can reach us on Facebook, Instagram, or through our contact page. We'd love to hear about your story and offer our help and support to you.

Sending you love and courage in these tumultuous times!

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