November 3, 2023

Soul Statements

by Petra Brunnbauer


Understanding ourselves and articulating our inner thoughts and feelings can often be a challenging endeavor. This struggle for articulation can muddy our intentions, create barriers in our relationships, and lead to misunderstandings that could have been easily avoided. In this intricate landscape of human interaction, Soul Statements emerge as a transformative guide. It provides a structured framework that elevates our communication skills, deepens our connections, and facilitates both personal and relational healing. By helping us tap into our own inner wisdom, the principles of Soul Statements enable clearer articulation of thoughts, feelings, and intentions.

The methodology behind Soul Statements is rooted in years of research and practice, focused on the core values of self-expression, clarity, and authentic interaction. It goes beyond mere words and phrases to include the tone, body language, and even the intent behind what is being said or expressed. This comprehensive approach empowers us to become not just better communicators but also more attentive listeners. By consciously employing the techniques and insights offered by Soul Statements, we unlock the potential to engage more meaningfully with ourselves and the people around us.

The adaptability of Soul Statements makes it a versatile toolset, suitable for a broad spectrum of life's scenarios. Whether the challenge lies in crisis management, in resolving past wounds, or in simply navigating everyday conversations, the principles of this approach offer a holistic solution. They guide us toward better relationships with our families, friends, and partners, effectively enriching every facet of our social lives. In an increasingly fragmented world where genuine connection often takes a backseat, integrating Soul Statements into our lives is a significant step toward a more authentic, fulfilling way of being.

“When I trust love, I can handle whatever happens.” 

                                 - Corey Lyon Folsom

The Trailblazer Behind Soul Statements

Corey Lyon Folsom's journey in human behavior and communication started with wilderness guiding and vision quest leadership, primarily focused on assisting those who are newly sober. This unique backdrop enabled Corey to glean insights into the human condition, particularly in how individuals manage stress, addiction, and interpersonal relationships. As he delved deeper into the complexities of the human psyche, his interests took a more spiritual turn, leading him to participate in a diverse range of programs and institutions, from the Human Awareness Institute to Tony Robbins' workshops. Each experience contributed a new layer to his evolving understanding of human interaction and communication. 

Corey Lyon Folsom

In 2012, Corey pivoted into love and relationship coaching, where he synthesized his years of acquired wisdom to help people across the globe. With a focus on body-centered awareness, refined communication skills, and incisive questioning techniques, Corey's coaching practice aims to guide clients through the labyrinth of life's challenges, imparting a level of clarity and soulfulness that many find transformative.

What Are Soul Statements?

Understanding Soul Statements begins with recognizing their foundational principles. At its core, they are a communication guide, but they are so much more than just a collection of conversational strategies. They serve as a comprehensive toolkit that is designed to empower us to articulate our innermost thoughts, feelings, and intentions in a clear and authentic manner. This is not about scripted dialogue or pre-planned responses. Instead, Soul Statements focus on tapping into our inner wisdom to help us convey what we genuinely wish to express.

Soul Statements

The methodology of Soul Statements is nuanced, blending psychological insights with practical communication strategies. This fusion enables us to delve deep into our own psyche, understand our emotional triggers, and articulate our intentions with enhanced clarity. In a world saturated with superficial conversations and digital distractions, Soul Statements provide the framework for genuine, soulful communication. By facilitating a two-way exchange that is not just heard but also understood, it elevates the quality of our interactions and relationships.

While many communication guides offer a one-size-fits-all approach, this method sets itself apart by emphasizing adaptability and personalization. The guiding principles can be applied in numerous scenarios, from resolving conflicts and misunderstandings to nurturing intimate relationships and professional collaborations. Whether you're a parent seeking to understand your child better, a partner striving to deepen your romantic relationship, or a professional looking to enhance team dynamics, Soul Statements offer a tailored approach to meet your specific communication needs.

Unpacking the Principles

The framework of Soul Statements serves as a highly actionable approach that is designed to empower us in various ways. Whether it's personal development, improving relationships, or navigating complex emotional landscapes, Soul Statements provide a comprehensive set of principles and techniques. These guiding tenets offer a pathway to clearer, more authentic self-expression, enriching both our inner lives and our interactions with others.

The Essence of Clarity

Soul Statements fundamentally revolve around helping us express our thoughts, feelings, and intentions with unprecedented clarity. By employing techniques such as active listening and mindful reflection, we can tap into our inner wisdom and articulate what we often sense but fail to express. These techniques serve to eliminate the fuzziness and ambiguity that often mar our communication, leading to misunderstandings or even conflicts.

Mindful communication with Soul Statements

Removing Mental Blocks

A critical aspect of achieving clarity is the ability to overcome mental blocks that often hamper authentic expression. Soul Statements offer exercises and practices aimed at dismantling these barriers, enabling us to communicate our thoughts and emotions without hesitation or inhibition.

Enhancing Emotional Literacy

Another integral part of achieving clarity in communication is becoming fluent in the language of emotions. Soul Statements provide tools for understanding and naming our feelings accurately, allowing for more honest and direct conversations.

Authenticity in Interaction

The pursuit of authenticity stands as a cornerstone of Soul Statements. In a world where interactions are often dictated by societal expectations or scripted norms, they offer a respite by advocating for real and authentic conversations. It provides actionable steps to help us peel back the layers of pretense and be our true selves in our interactions with others.

Authenticity in Interaction | Soul Statements

Breaking Social Scripts

Many times, we find ourselves falling into the trap of rehearsed conversations and automatic responses. Soul Statements help break these patterns by encouraging spontaneous and heartfelt exchanges that reach beyond the superficial.

Emotional Vulnerability

Being authentic often requires us to be emotionally vulnerable, an aspect that many find challenging. Soul Statements provide strategies for easing into this vulnerability, allowing for deeper emotional connections with those around us.


The ability to engage in complex and meaningful conversations is not innate for everyone. Soul Statements serve as a handbook for navigating these intricate discussions, equipping us with the skills and insights required for effective dialogue.

Mastering Non-Verbal Cues

Effective communication is not just about words but also involves mastering non-verbal cues like body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice. Soul Statements include tips and techniques for reading and emitting these cues accurately, thereby enriching our conversations.

Empathetic Listening

True understanding arises from empathetic listening, a skill that Soul Statements gives ample attention to. They educate us on how to listen not just with our ears, but also with our hearts, enabling a deeper understanding of the other person’s thoughts and feelings.

Empathetic Listening | Soul Statements

Balancing Assertiveness and Sensitivity

Navigating between being assertive and sensitive can be tricky. Soul Statements offer strategies to articulate our own needs while respecting others. This balance enhances dialogue, especially in emotionally charged situations.

Adaptive Communication Styles

Diverse backgrounds and personalities require different communication styles. Soul Statements teach us to adapt our approach to better mesh with others, making conversations more effective and inclusive.

By diving into these various components of the Soul Statements methodology, we gain a multi-dimensional toolkit designed to enhance our communication skills in all aspects of life. Whether it’s at home, in the workplace, or within our broader social circles, these principles are universally applicable and extraordinarily impactful.

How Soul Statements Shape Our Lives

Soul Statements go beyond theoretical concepts to provide practical applications that can profoundly influence our everyday lives. From casual conversations to critical discussions, adopting the principles of Soul Statements leads to immediate and long-lasting benefits.

Enhancing Day-to-Day Interactions

Our daily routines are full of casual conversations, often lacking depth or significance. Applying the framework can elevate these routine interactions into moments of genuine connection, allowing for deeper, more impactful exchanges.

The Impact of Soul Statements

Mindful Awareness

The initial step in enhancing these casual conversations is practicing mindful awareness. Being fully present in any interaction, whether it's with a grocery store clerk or a neighbor, allows for a more attuned conversation. Mindfulness paves the way for noticing subtle cues and achieving deeper, more meaningful exchanges.

Openness and Curiosity

Embracing an attitude of openness and curiosity is vital for enriching day-to-day communication. Allowing this method to guide us in approaching conversations without preconceived notions, thereby creating space for unexpected insights and delightful shared experiences.

Navigating Intricate Relationships

Managing complex relational dynamics, whether among family, friends, or romantic partners, is another area where Soul Statements shine. By helping us align to our real and authentic self, we can better address conflicts, understand each other, and fortify relational bonds.

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts are a given in any relationship. Soul Statements equip us with strategies for handling these inevitable disagreements with grace and clarity, facilitating more constructive dialogues and solutions.

Emotional Availability via Soul Statements

Emotional Availability

By adhering to the principles of Soul Statements, we allow ourselves to be more emotionally available to our loved ones. This fosters a culture of mutual sharing and support, thereby solidifying the emotional foundation of our relationships.

Taking charge of our wellbeing is an evolving process that invites us to be the chief stakeholder. By incorporating these everyday life steps, we prepare the ground for functional medicine to work more effectively, ensuring that our journey to optimal health is not just a destination but a fulfilling, lifelong process.

Soul Statements in the Workplace

When it comes to professional environments, the principles of Soul Statements are not just beneficial but often essential for effective communication and leadership.

Strengthening Team Cohesion

The foundation of any successful team lies in the ability of its members to communicate transparently and authentically. Soul Statements offer techniques to enable this level of interaction, resulting in more effective collaboration and a harmonious work environment.

Effective Team Communication

Open and authentic communication can significantly improve team dynamics. Soul Statements provides a roadmap for achieving just that, leading to smoother collaborations and higher levels of team cohesion.

Soul Statements in the Workplace

Leadership Skills

Leaders who adopt the principles of Soul Statements tend to possess improved communication skills, making them more empathetic, open, and effective. These qualities enhance their approachability and decision-making, factoring in diverse perspectives and needs.

Incorporating these principles into our daily lives enriches our capacity to handle various scenarios more effectively. The resulting benefits in our ability to connect with others transform each day into a more rewarding and fulfilling experience.


The beauty of Soul Statements lies in their ability to turn everyday interactions into opportunities for personal growth and connection. This approach helps to fill the gap between our craving for genuine interactions and the often superficial exchanges that dominate our lives. Whether we're navigating the complexities of professional relationships or deepening our emotional bonds with loved ones, and offer a unique lens through which to view communication as a tool for authentic human connection.

Furthermore, adopting the principles elevates our quality of life by fostering a sense of belonging and mutual understanding. The benefits are multi-faceted, extending from our personal circles to our workplaces, and even to our brief interactions with strangers. As we become more aligned with ourselves and our innate wisdom, we also become better equipped to navigate the complexities of human emotions and intentions in others, leading to a more empathetic and compassionate society.

Ultimately, the real power of Soul Statements isn't just in the words we say or the techniques we employ. It's about the long-term impact on our interpersonal dynamics and inner peace. In adopting these principles, we're not just making surface-level changes; we're facilitating deep, systemic transformation in how we interact with the world around us.

Interpersonal Dynamics | Soul Statements

This investment in self-awareness and relational intelligence is a profound contribution to a more connected and understanding world.


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