June 30, 2023

Mental Health Awareness

by Petra Brunnbauer

Mental Health Awareness: The New Frontier

In recent years, mental health has come to the forefront of public consciousness. Society's understanding of mental wellbeing has evolved from a stigmatized and often ignored topic to one of vital importance. It has transformed from being a personal struggle to a public health issue that demands attention and care. This transition has been fueled by increasing research, advocacy, and open conversations about mental wellbeing challenges.

Yet, we are still on the frontier, pushing the boundaries of mental health awareness and support. Innovations in science and technology are broadening our understanding and offering novel solutions to age-old problems. One such promising area of development is wearable technology, combining time-tested scientific concepts with the latest technological advancements to provide a novel, natural approach to mental wellbeing. Later in this post, we'll dive into the details of one such groundbreaking innovation.

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”
                             - Albert Einstein

Introducing Dr. Sarah Russo

Our guest for today, Dr. Sarah Russo, is a pharmacist with over two decades of experience. She has made significant strides in the field of mental health, leveraging media to raise awareness. Her TV show, '1on1 with Dr. Sarah,' was popular on DirtyWaterMedia in Boston. However, due to pandemic-led disruptions, she transitioned her work to the podcast medium, creating the 'Sessions With Sarah' podcast that has garnered over 2 million regular listeners.

Dr. Sarah Russo

The Importance of Awareness

Mental wellbeing awareness is critical for numerous reasons. First, it helps de-stigmatize mental health challenges. Unfortunately, individuals dealing with mental wellbeing issues often face societal and personal shame or embarrassment, preventing them from seeking help. By raising awareness about the importance of mental wellbeing, we can dispel myths and misunderstandings, allowing more people to feel comfortable seeking the assistance they need.

Secondly, mental wellbeing awareness encourages early intervention, which is often crucial for effective treatment. The earlier a mental health condition is identified and treated, the better the prognosis generally is. Public education about the signs and symptoms of various mental health conditions can empower individuals to recognize these symptoms in themselves or others and seek the help and support they need.

Finally, mental health awareness fosters empathy and understanding within society. By educating the public about mental wellbeing, we can help cultivate a more compassionate and supportive community where people feel seen, understood, and accepted despite their mental health challenges.

The Misunderstanding of Mental Health

Many of the misunderstandings around mental wellbeing stem from a lack of knowledge or a fear of the unknown. Some people believe that mental health challenges are simply signs of weakness or poor character. Others may think that they are uncommon and only happen to other people. These misconceptions can lead to harmful behaviors and attitudes, including stigma and discrimination.

Mental health challenges are as real and significant as physical health issues. They're not a choice or a sign of weakness, and they can affect anyone, regardless of their background, personality, or circumstances. Just as a person with a broken leg or diabetes needs help, so does a person with depression, anxiety, or any other mental health challenge.

Mental Health Awareness Resources

It's crucial to understand that mental health exists on a spectrum. It's not simply a matter of being "mentally ill" or "mentally healthy". Every person has mental health that requires care and attention, just like physical health.

Mental Health and Technology

With advances in science and technology, we're seeing novel approaches to mental health management. One of these innovations, utilized by Dr. Sarah, is the Restore Patch. This technology uses an interesting concept - transfer of energy through copper foil.

Understanding the Restore Patch

The Restore Patch is a wearable device designed to provide sustained and steady support for people dealing with anxiety, migraines, severe anxiety, sleep issues, and energy dips. Its underlying science and technology provide a safe, non-drug, non-chemical, and natural approach to mental health.

The Science Behind the Restore Patch: Energy Transfer

The core mechanism of the Restore Patch lies in energy transfer - an age-old science refined by modern technology. The Restore Patch uses a thin copper foil that's embedded with specific energetic signatures and frequencies. This copper foil, when applied to the skin, interacts with the body’s bioelectric system, resulting in beneficial effects on mental wellbeing.

How Does the Bioelectric System Work?

Our bodies function through a complex network of electrical signals known as the bioelectric system. This system is composed of billions of nerve cells or neurons that communicate with each other via electrical impulses.

Every function in our body, from moving a muscle to thinking a thought, involves the transmission of electrical signals between neurons. These signals carry information from one part of the body to another, enabling us to react to our environment, experience emotions, and carry out vital functions.

Mental Health Awareness Brain

The brain, as the control center of the body, generates a large portion of these bioelectric signals. They orchestrate our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. In terms of mental health, certain patterns of bioelectric activity have been linked to specific mental health conditions. For instance, individuals with depression often show different patterns of brain activity compared to those without the condition.

Understanding and harnessing the body's bioelectric system can open up new avenues for treating various conditions, including mental health disorders. The Restore Patch is an example of a technology that leverages this concept by transferring energy frequencies that interact with the body’s bioelectric system to support mental wellbeing.

The Role of Copper in Mental Health

Copper is an essential mineral in our bodies, playing a pivotal role in several physiological processes, including nerve function, immune response, and hemoglobin production. As a conductor of electricity, copper also facilitates the transmission of electrical signals in the body, a critical function linked to mental wellbeing.

In the context of the Restore Patch, copper's role is twofold. First, it acts as a medium to store the energy frequencies embedded in the patch. Second, due to its conductive properties, it helps transfer these stored frequencies to the wearer's skin. When this happens, the frequencies interact with the body's bioelectric system, potentially influencing brain activity patterns associated with mood and mental wellbeing.

Mental Health Awareness Copper

This concept of leveraging copper's conductive properties to support mental health is still an emerging field of research. However, the early results, like those seen in users of the Restore Patch, are promising and warrant further investigation.

Mental Health: A Lifelong Journey

Mental wellbeing is a fluid, ever-evolving part of human existence. Therefore, fostering mental health awareness is not a one-off task but a lifelong journey. As individuals and as a society, we continuously encounter new situations, challenges, and information that shape our understanding of mental health.

For example, the pandemic has drastically changed the way we perceive mental wellbeing, highlighting its importance and the necessity of taking proactive steps to maintain it. As we navigate these collective and personal experiences, we learn more about the complexities of mental health and the importance of supporting each other.

Moreover, the continuous advancements in science and technology provide us with new tools and perspectives to understand and manage mental wellbeing. As with the Restore Patch, these innovations require us to remain open-minded, informed, and ready to adapt. This commitment to continuous learning and adaptation is a significant part of the lifelong journey of mental health awareness.


The importance of understanding and promoting mental wellbeing cannot be overstated. Mental health is integral to our overall wellbeing and impacts all aspects of our lives, from our relationships and productivity to our physical health.

Changing mental health awareness

Thanks to the dedication of professionals like Dr. Sarah Russo, and the development of innovative tools like the Restore Patch, we're making substantial strides in our approach to mental wellbeing. However, we still have a long way to go in dispelling misconceptions, reducing stigma, and ensuring that everyone has access to the resources they need.

Our journey towards a more mentally aware and empathetic society will undoubtedly face challenges. But as we continue to learn, discuss, and act, we're laying a solid foundation for future generations. Each step we take in understanding and addressing mental wellbeing contributes to a healthier, more understanding society. 

It's a task that requires the efforts of each one of us, but together, we can and will make a difference.



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