December 15, 2023

Finding and Releasing Your Unconscious Contracts

by Petra Brunnbauer

The Journey to Understanding Unconscious Contracts

In our continuous journey of self-improvement and self-discovery, we often stumble upon the subtle yet powerful concept of unconscious contracts. These are the implicit agreements we've unknowingly made with ourselves, silently steering our life choices, shaping our relationships, and significantly influencing our overall wellbeing. Unraveling these contracts is crucial, as they play a pivotal role in our lives, often operating beneath the radar of our conscious awareness.

Understanding unconscious contracts is about delving deep into the psyche to uncover the hidden forces that govern our behaviors and decisions. It involves examining the intricate tapestry of our past experiences, societal conditioning, and family dynamics. These contracts, formed over time, become the lenses through which we view and interact with the world. They can manifest in various aspects of our lives, subtly guiding our actions and reactions, sometimes in ways that hinder our growth and happiness.

Our exploration into the realm of unconscious contracts is not just an academic exercise; it's a transformative journey. By identifying and addressing these underlying agreements, we open doors to new levels of personal freedom and fulfillment. It's a path that leads us to question long-held beliefs, reassess our choices, and ultimately, allows us to take more conscious control over the direction of our lives. In this process, we learn not only about the contracts themselves but also about the immense power of our subconscious in shaping our daily existence.

"Unconscious contracts bind us in silence; breaking them is the key to our deepest liberation. "

                                                  - Unknown

An Expert in Unraveling the Mind’s Complexity 

Sarah Peyton is a seasoned expert in the exploration of the mind's intricate workings, especially regarding unconscious contracts. Her background as a neuroscience educator and constellations facilitator uniquely positions her to provide profound insights into these hidden mental agreements. A certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer, Peyton combines her grasp of neuroscience with the transformative power of resonant language. Her approach provides a compassionate yet scientific pathway for individuals seeking to unearth and rewrite the deep-seated narratives that influence their lives.

Sarah Peyton

Her work, encapsulated in her widely acclaimed books, delves into relational neuroscience and self-compassion, offering practical tools for emotional healing and personal growth. Peyton’s teachings encourage a journey of self-discovery, emphasizing the importance of understanding the brain's role in forming and maintaining unconscious contracts. Her methodology is not just about identifying these hidden agreements but also about employing strategies to effectively alter them, paving the way for enhanced self-awareness and authentic living.

The Hidden Framework of Our Lives

Embarking on the journey to understand and ultimately transform our unconscious contracts requires a multifaceted approach. This process begins by recognizing that these contracts exist and deeply influence various aspects of our lives.

Recognizing the Signs

The first step in this journey involves becoming aware of the subtle signs that indicate the presence of unconscious contracts. These signs might manifest as persistent challenges in certain areas of life, unexplained emotional responses to specific situations, or recurring patterns in relationships and decision-making.

Reflection and Self-Inquiry

Engaging in reflective practices like journaling, meditation, or mindful contemplation can aid in bringing these hidden agreements to the surface. Through self-inquiry, we start to question why we react in certain ways or repeatedly find ourselves in similar situations, gradually uncovering the underlying contracts.

Finding and Releasing Your Unconscious Contracts

Seeking External Perspectives

Sometimes, it's challenging to identify these contracts from within our own thought processes alone. Seeking external perspectives, such as feedback from trusted friends, family, or professionals like therapists or coaches, can provide valuable insights into patterns and behaviors we might not recognize on our own.

Analyzing the Roots of Unconscious Contracts

In our quest to analyze the roots of our unconscious contracts, we embark on a historical exploration of our own selves. This deep dive into our personal history is not just about recounting events but understanding how these events have shaped our perceptions, beliefs, and, ultimately, the contracts we have unconsciously formed. This exploration requires us to look back with honesty and openness, ready to uncover and confront the various influences that have silently steered our life's course.

Tracing Back to Origins

Once we recognize the existence of these contracts, the next step is to trace them back to their origins. This involves exploring our past experiences, including childhood, education, and key life events, to understand how these contracts were formed.

Understanding the Role of Culture and Family

Cultural background and family dynamics play a significant role in shaping our unconscious contracts. Unpacking the beliefs, values, and norms ingrained in us by our family and society can reveal a lot about the contracts we've unconsciously agreed to.

Role of Family & Culture | Unconscious Contracts

Acknowledging the Impact of Past Traumas

Past traumas, both big and small, significantly contribute to the formation of these contracts. Acknowledging and understanding these traumas is crucial, as they often form the foundation of many of our deepest unconscious agreements.

Mapping the Landscape of Our Inner World

Mapping the landscape of our inner world is a crucial phase in understanding our unconscious contracts. This introspective journey requires us to navigate the intricate terrain of our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. We need to delve into the deeper aspects of our psyche and uncover the layers that have been shaped over time by our experiences and interactions. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of this internal landscape, we can begin to see the connections and patterns that form the basis of our unconscious contracts.

Identifying Recurrent Themes

A critical part of this journey is identifying the recurrent themes in our life stories. These themes often point directly to our most influential unconscious contracts. By mapping out these themes, we can begin to see the broader picture of how these contracts have shaped our journey.

Recognizing Emotional Patterns

Our emotional responses and patterns, especially those that seem automatic or ingrained, can be indicative of underlying contracts. Understanding our emotional landscape helps in pinpointing the agreements that drive these patterns.

Interplay of Thoughts & beliefs in Finding & rewriting our Unconscious Contracts

The Interplay of Thoughts and Beliefs

Our thought patterns and core beliefs are intimately tied to our unconscious contracts. By examining these thoughts and beliefs, we can start to unravel the contracts that they are connected to, offering a clearer path to transformation.

The journey to understanding our unconscious contracts is a profound process of self-discovery and personal growth. It requires us to delve deep into our inner world, question long-held beliefs, and confront uncomfortable truths. By undertaking this journey, we equip ourselves with the knowledge and tools to rewrite these contracts, paving the way for a more authentic and fulfilling life.

The Profound Impact of Unconscious Contracts

Unconscious contracts significantly shape our lives, often in ways we don't immediately recognize. These hidden agreements can dictate everything from our personal relationships to our professional choices, subtly influencing our paths and potential. Understanding and addressing them is crucial for our growth and fulfillment, as they deeply impact our emotional, mental, and behavioral patterns.

Shaping Personal and Professional Lives

Unconscious contracts can dictate the paths we choose in life, from our career trajectories to our personal relationships. They can be the invisible barriers that hold us back from pursuing our true passions or entering fulfilling relationships.

Emotional and Psychological Wellbeing

These contracts often have a significant impact on our emotional and psychological health. They can lead to a cycle of negative self-talk, low self-esteem, or repeated unhealthy relationships, impeding our overall wellbeing.

Emotional Impact of Unconscious Contracts

Limiting Beliefs and Behaviors

Many of these contracts are built on limiting beliefs and behaviors that we've internalized over time. These can include beliefs about our capabilities, worthiness, or what we can expect from others.

Rewriting the Narrative: Changing Unconscious Contracts

Identifying our unconscious contracts is just the beginning. The real work lies in actively rewriting them. This transformative process involves challenging and altering these deep-seated agreements, which requires consistent effort and introspection. By doing so, we open the door to new possibilities and healthier patterns in our lives.

Challenging Outdated Beliefs

This involves questioning and challenging the validity of these agreements. Are they based on outdated beliefs or no longer relevant to who we are today?

Adopting New Perspectives

Introducing new perspectives and ways of thinking can help in reshaping these contracts. This might involve seeking new experiences, learning, or even therapy to provide fresh insights.

New Perspectives | Finding & Releasing Your Unconscious Contracts

Creating New Agreements

Consciously creating new agreements that align with our current values, aspirations, and understanding of ourselves is vital. This might mean setting new personal boundaries, developing healthier relationship patterns, or adopting new approaches to personal growth.

In understanding and reshaping our unconscious contracts, we unlock the potential for profound personal transformation. It's a journey that brings to light the hidden influences in our lives. It also empowers us to rewrite our story in a way that aligns with our true selves. This process, though challenging, paves the way for a life of greater authenticity, fulfillment, and happiness.


The journey of identifying and altering our unconscious contracts is a gateway to profound personal transformation. By engaging in this introspective process, we're unearthing hidden agreements and actively participating in the re-creation of our own stories. This journey offers an empowering opportunity to redefine ourselves and our lives. And to move away from the confines of past narratives and towards a future that aligns more closely with our true aspirations and potential.

The act of rewriting our unconscious contracts does more than just free us from the shackles of our past. It propels us into a realm of new possibilities. It's like opening a window that was previously shuttered, allowing fresh perspectives and opportunities to pour in. As we shed these old agreements, we discover parts of ourselves and paths we might never have explored. This exploration leads to a richer, more vibrant life experience, filled with choices and relationships that resonate more deeply with our authentic selves.

Freedom from Finding & Releasing Your Unconscious Contracts

Ultimately, this transformative journey is about cultivating a life of authenticity and fulfillment. It invites us to live more consciously, making decisions and forming relationships that truly reflect who we are and what we value. The liberation from unconscious contracts paves the way for a more genuine expression of ourselves, leading to a life that not only feels more aligned but is also more rewarding and fulfilling. This process, while challenging, is an invaluable investment in ourselves, promising a future where we live not by default, but by design.

A life where every choice is a reflection of our truest selves.


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