October 8, 2022

Discovering Time Line Therapy®

by Petra Brunnbauer

Exploring Time Line Therapy®

Working With Our Timeline

Time Line Therapy®, or TLT, focuses on exploring our internal timeline through visualization and journey work. There are many lessons that may be drawn from the past and how to use them as a healing tool for the present. In my personal experience, TLT is a gentle and supportive technique, which facilitates long-lasting transformation. It also worked incredibly quickly and I was quite surprised at everything I learned about myself.

On the podcast, I interviewed my mentor, transformational therapist, Narina Riskowitz. She has long practiced TLT and explored the idea of working with your own timeline. Narina works with many clients who experience mental health distress and TLT is one of her favorite techniques. The gentle, yet very effective approach works well for mental and emotional healing, as well as releasing trauma that is manifesting as physical complaints. I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders after the first session.

Our lives can be significantly impacted by negative emotions as well as limiting beliefs. Time Line Therapy® can help with understanding what is holding us back, which can give insight and bring profound healing. TLT sits at a very unique position.

It allows us to work with the unconscious mind and the changes can be experienced rather quickly in the present.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
                           - Soren Kierkegaard

I have worked with Time Line Therapy both on emotional issues and on the physical symptoms after breaking my foot. This approach has also become one of my favorites and I decided to certify as a Time Line Therapy® Practitioner. The journey has been life-changing and I have learned so much about the mind-body connection and working with the unconscious mind.

What is Time Line Therapy®?

Time Line Therapy® works with hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and was founded by Tad James, PhD, in 1986. It is a technique that also utilizes journey work and visualization, allowing us to work with the unconscious mind in facilitating lasting changes. This approach allows us to empower our own healing, release negative emotions, break through limiting beliefs, and create the future we want and deserve.

TLT has a host of application purposes, which can include personal work on negative emotions, unconscious behaviors, and limiting beliefs. It can also be used professionally, to support team work, increase sales skills, work with challenging learning environments, and much more. Although TLT works with the individual timeline, the results are present and future oriented and always relevant to self-actualization.

Time Line Therapy

Some of the main emotions released through Time Line Therapy® include anger, sadness, hurt, fear, and guilt. As you can probably guess, these emotions underlie a host of other negative emotions. You can think of TLT a little bit like pulling at the end of a string of beads. Once you tear off the know keeping all the beads on the string, the last bead and all the beads above will come tumbling down.

Time Line Therapy® works in a similar way. Once we release the core negative emotions, everything built up on top of them will also release. This can lead to a deep sense of healing or peace, even in the first session. Sometimes, emotions have been blocked for years, or in some cases from before our birth or over multiple generations. Understanding this and then working to heal it, can be the first step in the holistic healing journey.

Time Line Therapy® and Mental Health

The awareness that negative emotions underlie some of our mental health distress and even some physical symptoms can be life-changing. In that sense, Time Line Therapy® can be used to work both with mental distress, like low mood, fear, anxiety, stress, and even PTSD. It can also be used in exploring some unexplained physical symptoms you may be experiencing that could have an emotional root cause.

Now, this is certainly not to say that TLT replaces medical advice. Always see your health professional for a diagnosis. But if you have had a multitude of tests and nothing has been found, exploring the emotional side of what is happening can be beneficial. It could give you a starting point for finding out what your body is trying to tell you.

Time Line Therapy and Reiki

Since TLT does explore our individual timeline, there may be the fear that exploring old traumas, maybe even traumas from previous lifetimes could retraumatize you. Going through experiences that you may not consciously be aware have happened, could trigger a host of negative emotions that you may not know how to deal with; however, Time Line Therapy® takes a unique approach to this, which makes it very gentle.

Although you are exploring events and finding out what happened, this is done from different perspectives that allow you to keep a certain distance from the actual events. In emotional terms, this means that you can discover the root cause of present emotional or physical issues, without having to connect to the negative emotions or relive the experiences in a traumatic way. This makes it a very gentle approach for individuals with traumatic experiences.

Working with a Time Line Therapy® Practitioner

Although you can definitely work with your own timeline and do journey work, Time Line Therapy® works best with a trained practitioner. Especially if you have never worked with your timeline before or are new to hypnosis, journey work, and visualization, a practitioner can be there to guide you, hold the space, and support you in your healing work.

If you find a practitioner, like Narina, who has extensive training not just in TLT, you will find that they can expertly combine several techniques, to support your healing journey even further. This could include but is not limited to hypnosis, NLP, and Reiki, for example. Moreover, since the relationship you form with your practitioner can greatly influence how successful your sessions are, it is important to find someone you feel comfortable with and feel you can trust.

Working with a Practitioner

After all, Time Line Therapy® will be working with your emotions and past events. So, you need to feel that your practitioner is supportive, provides a safe environment, and can help guide you through the process. Narina is also trained in coaching, which can be very helpful for continued work alongside or after a TLT session. Once you have released your negative emotions, or have removed blockages and limiting beliefs, coaching can help you move forward.

I found that the combination of Time Line Therapy® and coaching was amazing. Whereas TLT helps you bring previous learning into the here and now, coaching can help you apply this knowledge, to shape your life and pursue your passions and purpose. Sometimes, especially after healing trauma or mental health distress, it can be difficult to decide “where do I go from here?”. This is where coaching can have a profound impact and help support healing even further.

The Takeaway

Time Line Therapy® can definitely be an interesting discovery. Since you work with your timeline and may access previous lives on this timeline, it would be good if you are open to the idea of more than one life; however, if your beliefs do not include past lives, this journey work could also be looked at as accessing the collective consciousness of those who have gone before. Generational trauma can be passed down through families and accessing these collective emotions and events can be helpful in healing.

Just as with hypnosis, you are in control, aware, and can communicate with the practitioner at any time. You will remember any learnings or resources you chose to incorporate during the session. This type of journey work can be deeply healing and can also feel very liberating. Especially if you have been carrying around the emotions or blockages for a long time.

Healing with Time Line Therapy

Time Line Therapy® helps you release negative emotions without having to re-experience the trauma.

This can be very helpful when healing deep-seated negative emotions and events that have caused suffering and mental distress. By removing the emotional connection to certain events, you remove the emotional suffering and distress associated with these events. This is how healing is accessed and it works quite quickly and effectively.

I would highly recommend working with a trained Time Line Therapy® practitioner. But, there are things you can begin to do on your own as well. You can start with journaling, for example. You can also start with hypnosis, to get a taste of what the experience is like.

I do feel like there is nothing else quite like Time Line Therapy® out there, so if you are looking for something to try for holistic healing, this could be a great option.









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